WE'RE ethereal green diamond llp

Ethereal Green Diamond is the manufacturer and global supplier of the finest quality of lab-grown diamonds headquartered in India. Using high tech machinery our master craftsmen work tirelessly to make sure that our lab-grown diamonds are cultivated with utmost care, safety and precision.

Ethereal has a State of the Art Factory where we have mastered the process of the giving birth to diamonds that look, feel and shine bright just like its counterpart.



The skilled hands of our cutters have mastered the art of producing the finest quality diamonds to a point of utmost perfection.


We provide a wide range of colours starting from D to N. Our collection also has a light to vivid shade range of Pink, Orange and Blue. All of these colours are rarely available in mined diamonds.


We have a huge inventory which enables us to fulfil any order within a stipulated time frame.


All our lab-grown diamonds can be certified with leading Gemological Laboratories across the globe. On purchasing diamonds from Ethereal they are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity from leading Gemological Laboratories.


We as a company value the principles of honesty and integrity, and make sure that all your business transactions are conducted in a straightforward, ethical and professional manner.


Our lab grown diamonds are far more economical as compared to the prices of their counterparts.